Fantastic Show Results for Miakoschka Sambuca (Sammy)

Today Sammy was shown at the Royal Brisban Show - The EKKA. in the desexed class, there were 13 desexed cats in total and was a pretty tough field. There were 2 judges (or in show terms, 2 rings) Mr Dieter Filler from Switzerland and Mrs Olg Komissarova from Estonia. Olga gave Sammy Best of Breed in his class, which isn't really a big deal when he was the only Siberian in his class but he got a sash none the less. :) Dieter Filler on the other hand LOOOOVED Sammy and only had very good things to say about him. Dieter awarded Sammy Best of Breed in his class, again, not such a big deal with no competition, but he also awarded him Overall Best of Breed - this means, Dieter thought he was the

Exciting times ahead

Just thought I'd share a little news - I'm a little bit excited as I think we may have found a suitable princess for Zaslav, it's still early days yet as she was only born July 21 so right now she's only 2 weeks old - she's looking very promising at this stage though. As soon as am certain that she will be joining the Chaynikoty team I'll post photos - she is such a pretty little girl, I can't wait to show her off. Stay tuned.. :)

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