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Preparing Sammy for the show ring.

Hi.. welcome to my first blog post.. I'm hoping to be able to post some information on here that you may find interesting or helpful.

There seems to be a big misconception about bathing cats - A lot of cats, Siberians included, actually like the water and can often be found playing in their waterbowls or sticking their heads under a running tap.

As I take Sambuca (Sammy) to shows almost every weekend, we need to make sure he is groomed to perfection. He has a bath and then he is blow dryed.

I've had a lot of people say that bathing a cat is cruel, or they don't like it, or it removes the oils from the coat..

believe it not, cat's don't actually mind getting bathed or blow dryed if you start them off young.. it's bit like a puppy.. if you bath it most times it will learn to love the water, if you don't it will be very frightened when you try to bath it.

I've taken video of me bathing and blowdrying Sammy and yes, you do hear meowing in the video, as you will see this is mostly when shampoo goes on him or the water is not on him as he gets cold.. but he is in no way upset or frightened about getting bathed - if he was he certainly woundn't follow me into the bathroom while I set up his grooming station.

Please click the links and watch for your self.

Bathing Sammy

I do clip his nails prior to bathing as this is also a requirement of showing.

Blowdrying Sammy

Please feel free to add a comment or question below and I'll do my best to answer them for you or if I'm not sure, I'll find the answer for you.

Thanks for reading

Cheers Petra and Sammy

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