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History of the Siberian Forest Cat

Traditional Siberian Forest cats are considered to be a Russian national treasure as they are native to Russia.

Documentation has been found to go back hundreds of years and they are mentioned in a number of Russian fairy tales and children’s books as far back 1889. Russian families have told tales of the amazing loyalty and personality displayed by this fantastic breed. Throughout history Siberians have also played a practical role in homes and on farms as very effective rodent controllers. They are hunters by nature.

Miakoschka Sambuca

Traditional Siberian cats began to be exported worldwide after the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States ended seeing the Siberian arrive in the United States around 1990.

They were finally introduced to Australia in 2003 by Marie Mahoney of Miakoschka Siberians. Marie fell in love with the breed after seeing photos belonging to Russian judge Yanina Melnikova, who was visiting Australia in 2001. Marie was so entranced by this strong and natural breed she worked tirelessly to overcome the many hurdles presented when trying to import a cat from a Soviet country. You can read more about this wonderful story by clicking here

As a breeder of TRADITIONAL Siberians in Australia I amongst others are working together for the betterment of our breed, I am guided in Australia by Marie Mahoney of Miakoschka Traditional Siberian and internationally by Daniela Barros of Damman Amur who is dedicated to promoting the clean breeding program within Australia and other countries - I am also a member of the International Siberian Breeders Club .


Australian Siberian Breeders have imported cats from many parts of the world so our lines are as diverse as possible.

Our cats have been imported from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, USA, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and the UK.  We import only the very best we can find so that they will enhance our programs to provide you with Siberians that are true to type. 

The Traditional Siberian Forest cats are one of the few breeds that have not been genetically modifed by humans and we aim to keep it that way.

Chaynikoty is a TICA (The International Cat Association) and FCCQ (Feline Control Council of Queensland) registered prefix.

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