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Choosing the right Siberian kitten

When selecting a Traditional Siberian kitten, you should consider the characteristics which are most important to you and discuss these with the us. We will have a good understanding of each kitten’s personality and can help match the right kitten to you. We ask when purchasing a kitten from Chaynikoty Traditional Siberians that you will practice responsible cat ownership by keeping this rare little treasure indoors.


We ask that you provide your kitten with acceptable surfaces for scratching; this not only protects your furniture but provides your kitten with an area to perform the natural behaviour of scratching and is essential for maintaining a long and healthy life. Our kittens are usually available between 14 and 16 weeks of age, by which time they are well socialised with other pets and children, have had their basic inoculations, vet check and worming and they will possess the stability needed for a new environment. Your kitten will come to you neutered or speyed, a kitten will not be released to you entire so please do not ask. We do not support and will not allow our kittens to endure declawing or tendonectomy surgery.

Chaynikoty Siberian Kitten
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