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Petra Kettle - bio

Cat Lover First, Breeder Second.

My introduction to the mighty Siberian cat came quite by accident. Being a cat lover all my life I had only ever had rescue cats which I loved and adored. I decided a few years back that I was going to get my first pedigree cat and had a particular breed in mind – as I absolutely love longhaired cats, and I like them big, I was going to get a Forest Cat!

I had no idea Siberians even existed until, while searching the net the Siberian Forest Cat was amongst the results that "Google" presented me. Intrigued I clicked on the images and my eyes drank in the beauty of this majestic cat and I was hooked. From here my true search began, I found there was not a great deal of Traditional Siberian breeders in Australia, and most had a waiting list a mile long. What made my search even harder was my love of black cats; I desperately wanted a solid black Siberian.


After putting my name on a number of waiting lists and patiently waiting for over a year, one became available and at the start of 2015 I took Miakoschka Sambuca home with me….

…so began my Siberian obsession.

18 months later I have found myself in the breeders circle. My aim, first and foremost, is to breed Siberians who are healthy, happy, true to type, with clean genealogy (no known Neva in lines) - I wish to help preserve the traditional gene pool of these stunning cats.  Secondly, at some stage during my breeding career, I would love to be able to breed the very luscious Black Siberian.

I hope you enjoy my site.


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