We have Dizzy looking for a forever home

Updated 14/04/2021

Dizzy (Chaynikoty Wirra Wirra) DOB: 01/08/2020

Dizzy is a black spotted tabby girl, who is large and muscular and very friendly. She purrs a lot, loves cuddles and scratches under her ears, sleeping on your chest or in front of your keyboard as you try to work.  She is friendly to other cats and dogs.  She will happily follow children around although does not like to be picked up.  Some cats prefer their feet on the ground, she is not nasty in anyway, but will twist herself inside out to get out of your grasp.  Dizzy was going to join our breeding program but I have decided I have enough girls (and a boy) who are black tabby so am offering this beautiful girl up as a pet.

Dizzy has done very well at shows, the only downside being that she wriggles a lot when she is taken from her crate to the show bench as she panics when her feet are not on a flat surface. 

So if you think you can offer this beautiful girl a home please fill out the application form - if you have previously filled in our form and are on the list, please give me a call or email that you are interested in Dizzy - she will make someone a beautiful and loyal companion.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest for one of our retired Siberian queens or studs, please click here and complete the application form.  Keep in mind that retired does not mean old.. :)

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