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Found a kitten you like ?

If you have found a Siberian kitten you would like to adopt please follow the prompts below so that we can ensure your kitten is reserved for you.

  1. Firstly, contact us to discuss pricing or if you have chosen a kitten you would like please Apply for a Kitten and complete the details.

    • it is important to correspond with us to ensure the kitten you have chosen is still available.

    • you can also chat to us about what you would like in a kitten and we can help you decide.

  2. We will place a kitten on "HOLD" for you for 3 days at no charge.

    • After 3 days your kitten will be marked as "Available" again unless a deposit is paid

    • You can still ask to be place "Next in Line" for a kitten that is on hold.

  3. Your kitten will be "RESERVED" as soon as we have received the required deposit - this is non-refundable after the kitten is 8 weeks old.

  4. Your kitten will be "SOLD" when we have receive payment in full.  Payments will be discussed via email or phone.  No kitten will be released until paid in full.

  5. UNDER OBSERVATION means that we are watching this kitten grow to see if it may be suitable to stay on with us - we are always on the look out for the next Chaynikoty Siberian Forest Cat.  There is a possibility that this kitten could become AVAILABLE.  You are welcome to put in an expression of interest for a kitten that is under observation.

Status Terms

AVAILABLE - Kitten is available to adopt

HOLD - No deposit required.

RESERVED - Deposit Received

SOLD - Paid in full - Furrever home found

UNDER OBSERVATION - We are watching

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