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The Buyer:

  1. The buyer agrees that under no circumstances shall the cat/kitten be sold or given away without the express written consent from the seller.

  2. If the buyer can no longer provide care for the above-mentioned cat/kitten, the buyer agrees to contact the seller so that an alternative suitable home can be found for the cat/kitten.

  3. The cat/kitten will be kept indoors at all times unless a suitable secure outdoor area is provided.The buyer agrees to ensure that the cat/kitten is at no time allowed to roam outdoors in an unsecured area.

    • A body harness with lead may be used as an alternative to an outdoor enclosed area provided the cat/kitten is under constant supervision.

  4. The buyer agrees to ensure internal and external parasite control is administered monthly or as directed on packaging instructions.

  5. The buyer understands that by purchasing a kitten with the status of “Show” does not guarantee that the kitten will win at shows.It is merely an indication that the cat/kitten is deemed to be of exceptional quality and characteristics referenced in the Siberian standard.

  6. The buyer agrees not to neglect or mistreat the cat/kitten in any way – if neglect or mistreatment has occurred the buyer agrees to surrender the cat/kitten to the seller.

  7. The buyer agrees to provide immediate veterinary care to the cat/kitten when it is showing signs of distress or illness.

  8. Once a deposit has been paid it is non-refundable after the kitten is 6 weeks of age, unless the chosen cat/kitten cannot be released to the buyer for whatever reason.


The Seller:

  1. Up until the kittens are 8 weeks old, the seller reserves the right to keep any kitten to add to the breeding program.

    • In the case of the seller keeping a kitten that has had a deposit paid or been paid in full – the seller will replace the kitten with another of the same sex and/or colour, either from the same litter or a future litter.If an agreement cannot be made the seller agrees to refund the money.

  2. The seller agrees to provide a healthy cat/kitten that has been raised in the home, litter trained, registered with FCCQ, microchipped, vaccinated twice, parasite controlled, and vet checked. The kitten also comes with 6 weeks free pet insurance.

  3. The seller agrees to provide registration papers for the above-mentioned cat/kitten in the buyers’ name on collection of the kitten.

  4. The seller will not release a cat/kitten until payment has been made in full.

  5. The seller will not release a cat/kitten until the kitten has been desexed.

  6. The seller agrees not to release the kitten prior to the kitten being 12 weeks of age.

  7. The seller takes no responsibility for a cat/kitten that injures itself or becomes ill while in the buyers’ care.

  8. The seller agrees to provide non-financial support to the buyer for the life of the cat/kitten.


The above-mentioned cat/kitten is sold under the provisions and guarantees set forth in this contract.  The seller makes no guarantee other than those specifically described above.  The seller’s total liability is limited to the purchase price of this cat/kitten.  Failure on the part of the buyer to honor the terms and conditions of this contract will result in the ownership of the cat/kitten being reverted to the seller, with no compensation owing to the buyer.

Kind Regards

Petra Kettle

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